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Shipping from China to USA - Transport and Logistics

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Sea Freight from China to USA

Do you have any knowledge of the regulations of E-Commerce Shipment transport between China and the USA? Getting familiar with logistics and transporting routes is hectic, especially for a first-time eSeller. Therefore, you must acquire a service that guides you towards all the processes involved in the logistical process of shipment.

Before you take on this endeavor of shipping from China to USA, you have to be well aware of the Cross Border E-Commerce supply chain management. Hiring a guide that understands the steps involving supplier handling, order packaging, production, transports, sorting and warehousing is an immense advantage.

Without proper assistance, first timers face multiple setbacks and hurdles when transporting eSeller’s goods. China and the US are the two biggest markets. Therefore, the increasing influx of goods makes it a tough business environment to survive.

Shipping from China to USA

A proper eLogistcs guide can help you overcome the problems of transport, by providing you the relevant information about transferring goods. You may come across plenty of hurdles in your attempt to transport goods between China and USA. Most common problems present themselves in the form of mismanaging of resources, or even unreasonable transport costs & lead time.

However, there are certain ways to avoid complications. This article will introduce you to a trouble-free and practical method of shipping from China to USA.

Table of Contents:

Part 1. Common Customer Complaints

· Order Loss, Damage, or Delay of E-Commerce Goods

· High Transportation Prices and Hidden Expenses

· Poor Customer Service

Part 2. About To C Logistics

· Our Price Guide

· Our Service Plan

· Tansport Insurance Plan

Part 3. Our Services

· Sea Freight from China to USA

· Air Freight from China to USA

· Transport Insurance Services

· Surface Transport Service

· Export & Import Customs Clearance

· Warehousing VAS Service

· Deliver to Amazon FBA and Overseas E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Part 4. How we work

Shipping from China to USA

►►► Part 1. Common Customer Complaints

Order Loss, Damage, or Delay of E-Commerce Goods

This is the worst and unfortunately the most common trouble to overcome. The longer the transport route, the more there are chances of delay or damage. Therefore, shipping from China to The USA may result in loss or damage to goods.

The delay is a more common occurrence when transporting through sea or airfreight. Whenever this happens, you begin to question the causality of the situation, which can lead you to ponder over multiple possibilities. Everyone eSellers may wonder whether damage to the shipment happened before or after it arrived at the destination. Furthermore, you may start questioning the packaging of the goods.

The bitter reality is that these instances happen, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, these problems count as carrier liability. Usually, the carrier is the liable factor of the shipment process. Even the slightest of mismanagement can cause problems in storage and transit. These circumstances are not only costly but also incredibly time-consuming.

High Transportation Prices and Hidden Expenses?

When E-Commerce business involves inventory and transport, the high freight charges may tamper down on eSeller’s profits. Transportation prices can vary depending on the economic situation. Furthermore, plenty of factors affect transportation prices, even though freight expenses are often a mystery.

The biggest expense factor is the fuel consumption and market of commercial drivers. Since fuel costs invariably rise and fall according to the oil reserves, they are responsible for high and steady transport prices.

On the other hand, commercial drivers for logistics need a special license. Therefore, looking for commercial drivers is difficult and costly. Furthermore, recruiting new drivers is a lengthy process because the licensing is a long process. Overall, the uncertainty and extremity of transportation prices is another problem that you will have to face.

Poor Customer Service

If your business involves shipping and suppliers handling, bad customer service is a frustrating ordeal. You may come across non-cooperative agents that keep delaying email responses. Instances as such become intolerable when a shipment is already late.

Furthermore, you might even come across customer service representatives that are harsh and rude. Often, customer service staff does not understand how their attitude and tonality of the voice is harmful to the business. Therefore, in the shipping business, it is likely that you will have to deal with difficult freight forwarders.

These are the common troubles that transporters encounter when shipping from China to The USA. Most transporters fail to continue and grow their business because of these complaints. E-Commerce Logistics from China to The USA can make, or break a logistics operation without any help.

Therefore, make sure that you put your trust in good E-Commerce logistics. Commercial transportation services should offer all-rounded means of transport, along with excellent services.

Putting your faith in us will give you access to our extensive experience of shipping between China and The USA. We have spent countless hours operating freight transfers specifically between China and The USA.

Furthermore, we can provide you with an array of services that counters all the disrupting problems of freight forwarding. We aim to work effortlessly for the satisfaction of the customers and make progressive changes to their freight management system. Achieving your satisfaction satisfaction and security is our ultimate goal.

►►► Part 2. About To C Logistics

Our journey began on Apr. 2021,. Our team assists companies with customized and international e-commerce logistic support. Our headquarter is located in Shenzhen,China. We also set up many E-Commerce warehouses in other cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou Zhongshan, Foshan, Qingdao and Xiamen. It also occupies offices and warehouses in major American port cities such as Los Angeles, New York and son on.

Our operations promise untouched and unharmed cargo to our clients. Furthermore, we enable clients to manage their shipments and goods with precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our Price Guide

Cutting down the eSeller’s transportation cost is our highest priority. We want to ensure that our customer has an advantage over other companies in the industries. Therefore, we have strong affiliations with quality movers, such as XX aviation and XX sea transportation, etc.

Our cooperation with large transport movers guarantees the safety and speed of delivery. Our steady and large stock transfers over the years have solidified our relationships with a big mover.

A strong relationship with large shipping line means that they offer us the most competitive prices and preferred positions, even during peak seasons. Therefore, our services open companies to a huge variety of reasonable transport and service prices. Furthermore, it makes them grateful for having an edge over the best routes. Being able to get good prices during peak periods is an opportunity to take a small-scale business to a flourishing and profitable venture. Better service prices result in even better profit margins. Therefore, now it is the time to invest in a freight forwarder from China to USA with a decent price plan.

Our Service Plan

We understands the importance of customer service. It prioritizes customer satisfaction before anything else. For this reason, it has service providers that manage to offer incredibly quick customer service despite customer traffic. We are answerable to all clients and customers at any time of the day. Our systematic approach to customer care allows us to respond to every customer promptly with politeness.

We took notice of customer service complaints and in response set up a staff assessment system. This system strictly follows up with all the staff responses to clients, whether by email or by a call. It formulates an assessment of how the customer service representatives are handling customer complaints. Therefore, we are a E-Commerce Logistics Company from China to the US that puts the customers first.

The focus is to evoke good communication between the customer and the service provider. By doing so, we manage to gain new long-lasting clients, furthermore, it also promises steady and fluid cooperation between the clients and customer service providers. Due to these measures, you will find that clients are satisfied with our service and spread praise and recommendations of our company. We try our best to maintain a reputable company identity.

Our Transport Insurance Plan

In response to the unavoidable loss and damage of goods, we have increased the supervision of our goods. We have strict checks on every link in the transportation process. This mitigates the chances of damage to the product to the smallest fraction. The first link in which you can damage a product is picking up the goods. Our packaging is strong and firm and offers extra protection for fragile items. Furthermore, our staff prospers in handling and managing products carefully and delicately. From warehousing to transportation, we can guarantee the safety of your goods from our side.

However, uncontrollable factors can damage the goods. Fortunately, our company offers the clients an amazing insurance plan. This plan caters to all uncontrollable mishaps and damages to products, a scheme that considers the conditions of the client and policies that successfully prevail in favor of the client’s interest. Moreover, our insurance plan promises the customers the claims for their time, and emphatically reduces their risks and losses.

►►► Part 3. Our Services

Our services manage to cover all aspects of the logistic process. It offers clients a wide variety of services that has everything to do with freight handling, packaging, storing, warehousing, and transport. Let us look at some of the services that make us the best freight forwarder from China to US.

Original 1st Mile Pick Up in China

In E-Commerce sector, first mile pick-up is sometimes used to describe the process of taking an item from a retailer(supplier) and transferring it to the courier that will bring it to our e-commerce warehouse.

Sea Freight From China to USA

FCL and LCL service, however slow, but entail enormous benefits. Therefore, our company manages to provide the client with marine product transfer through containers. Transporting Freight through container allows the transporter to transfer a large sum of goods for a small sum of money. Hence, you will find plenty of transporters that deal in bulk, opt for this freight forwarding service. This service is not only cost-effective but also avoids custom clearance delays.

Through sea freight from China to USA, the goods retain their crisp condition and you can deliver them in optimal conditions. The usual sizes for our containers are 20 feet, 40 feet, and a 45 feet cube container. The 20-footcontainer can carry heavy goods, such as minerals, metals, heavy machinery, bags of sugar, paper, and cement.

On the other hand, we use the 40 feet container to hold large quantities of goods instead of heavier items. These involve furniture, steel pipes, paper scraps, cotton, or tobacco. Furthermore, the 45 feet cube container serves similar purposes, such as carrying heavy and large quantities of goods.

Note: Due to the large size of FCL containers, you may have to arrive at the US port before the truck shipment. Therefore, your preparation is important for sea freight from China to USA.

Air Freight from China to USA    

Air transport is the most time-efficient service that we offer. We has strong cooperation with reliable and first-class airlines. We provide aircraft service of the highest quality, enabling customers a trouble-free and secure goods transport. Our price estimations include a precise balance of cost and delivery speed. Furthermore, we use this service to meet the requirements of the customers in a time-efficient manner.

Transport Insurance Services

1. Reliable Insurance Company

Consider an insurance deal to be a fair one, it provides you the long-term security and satisfaction. Our premium insurance deal is affordable for all our customers. The price usually depends on the price of your goods. To sure the simplicity of our claims, we make our policies and regulations transparent and easy for our clients. Furthermore, we also have links with other renowned insurance companies.

2. Rapid Claim Process

On many occasions, we have successfully recovered the losses of our customers and in turn, gained their satisfaction. Our relationship with other insurance companies helps us speed up our claim process.This helps us track all the damages of the company and cover the losses of the unhappy customers. With the claim process in play, we can equip the company with an emphatic insurance system.

Surface Transport

This involves the transport of goods once they arrive on the United State’s soil. We have an abundance of trucking service associations that protrude an amazing land transport service. After the customs clearance of your goods is completed, then we will deliver the goods or the product right on your doorstep.

Our long-term stable truck company allows us to deliver cargo goods with ease. Therefore, even if you transport container cargo, we will cover the land transport for you. You do not have to worry about items or cargo getting misplaced or mishandled. We have a line of professionals that will take care of your goods and transfer them to the designated location, without even a scratch on them. Furthermore, for LCL goods, we can even choose to cooperate with other delivery companies such as DHL and UPS.

Export & Import Customs Clearance

This is a huge part of freight transporting and logistics. Without customs clearance, none of the goods and items can pass from the US port. A customs clearance officer keeps a check on the cargo and goods transport into the country. There are certain rules and regulations that each shipment has to abide by. The USA only allows shipment that follows the standards set by the governing body. Therefore, you need a customs clearance specialist to prevent any intervention in the transport process by the customs officer.

A customs clearance specialist prepares all the documentation and permissions that make the import and export of goods possible. They have sound knowledge of the clearance process. This process is incredibly complex. A customs clearance officer manages to maximize tariff savings and avoid time delays for customers.

Furthermore, their familiarity with the clearance regulations, steps, fines, and standards promises a smooth transition of the goods, from the customs clearance to the trucks. They also have a friendly and professional relationship with the authorities. These good relationships stem from years of customs clearance without complications.

Moreover, we provide free of cost customs clearing consultancy. Dealing with the customs clearance process is a hectic and nerve-ending task. Therefore, it results in plenty of questions regarding the customs clearing procedure. If you or anyone you know require customs clearance consultancy, then do not hesitate to contact us. We have a well informed and experienced team of customs clearance specialists that are always willing to help clients.

Warehousing VAS Service

We cater to businesses that require inventory storage. We understand the dire need for warehousing and its importance to a growing business. Once a business starts to grow, their inventory increases, therefore, you will need more warehousing space. We take it upon ourselves to provide our clients with ample warehousing space of the highest quality. Furthermore, we also understand the difficulty of moving, leasing, and transferring inventory to other warehouses. Hence, our services expand beyond just storing and maintaining, but also transferring.

We offer storage plans that can flexibly suit the need of your particular business. With storage facilities that can properly stage goods, we can provide you with safe storage space. Our storage facilities prioritize the security of the goods. With 24 hours of surveillance, we have security services that monitor the goods 7 days a week. Furthermore, our warehouses are equipped with high-tech video surveillance to prevent theft and mishaps.

Amazon FBA Service

Incredible warehousing service of To C Logistics includes the association of Amazon FBA service. Amazon’s FBA service enables business owners to store, pack, and label their products with the help of Amazon’s services. Storing goods for FBA purposes involves going through plenty of terms and legalities before you start your business. We have a team of professionals that are entirely familiar with the FBA preparation procedures.

Furthermore, their comprehensive knowledge of the FBA inspection procedures will help your FBA driven business grow to newer and greater heights. Our warehouses provide you with safe deliveries and competitive prices. Moreover, we provide marketing materials for labeling, bundling, and packaging.

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA (Amazon FBA and E-Commerce Order Fulfillment)

We have a team of professionals that have in-depth (over 10 yeas) logistics knowledge of all the complexities and procedural technicalities of running an Amazon Business. They have sound information on all the processes, including inspection, labeling, to even transport. Therefore, they provide our clients with extensive and wide-ranging assistance that tries to analyze all aspects of the business proposition.

Our extensive experience over FBA preparation service made us prolific in Amazon packaging and shipping routes. By acquiring services from us, you can leave the shipment formalities and complications to the hands of the experts. By doing so, you can occupy your time with the bigger decisions regarding your business. Besides that, you can spend the precious time saved in planning your business proposition’s future. Overall, we push business owners to focus their attention on plans, with the help of long-term and stable cooperation.

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

The rapid propulsion of E-commerce businesses around the world has made the drop-shipping method a primary income stream. Its increasing popularity stems from its incredible ability to multiply your revenue in a limited amount of time and lesser resources. Therefore, we take this form of business endeavor seriously and make plenty of arrangements for the clients. With us by your side, expect a thorough inspection of every step involving order fulfillment.

Moreover, we make order fulfillment for both, business-to-business and business-to-consumer orders. Business-to-business storage and shipment are different from business-to-consumer business.Hence,our labeling, management, and shipping process differ from business to business. Our team understands the subtle nuances involving each step of the workflow process. These steps include receiving inventory, storing and warehousing goods, packaging, and labeling, and shipping orders.

The best part about affiliating with us is that you can get access to free storage, pick-up, one-piece, delivery services. Our services are superior because they follow a system. It starts from the click of the customer, once they click the buy option, our team promptly responds. This instance reply allows us to maintain standards concerning delivery information and order tracking. We allow the customers to track their orders online, and instant access to our customer support for queries. Furthermore, we provide our customers with competitive prices to edge them ahead of fellow competitors in the industry.

►►► Part 4. How We Work

To C Logistics is a customer-oriented company, which means, our efforts focus on making the life of our client easier. Being a business owner comes with plenty of uncalled-for burdens; it can leave you crumbling to pieces. In some instances, keeping track of all the business operations becomes impossible. Therefore, investing in our services rids you of one of the toughest operations of your business. This way, you can spend your energy on making important decisions regarding your business. Furthermore, allowing the experts to take care of the logistics is likely to flourish the business with profound profits.

Cooperating with us means that you are solely responsible for making purchases while leaving us responsible for all the other responsibilities involving shipping, handling, packaging, and transport. Hence, just simply inquire, book, pay, and ship from China to the US in the best way possible. Take advantage of customizing an expert level framework for your business’s logistics.The following procedures are only half of all the extra work we manage for the optimization of your business. We manage to complete an incredible number of operations that you do not even notice.

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